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📄 Plants have a body clock as well research showsGeneral Interest, Research Paper4 weeks ago
70 percent of US farm labor investigations record violationsLabour, General Interest4 weeks ago
CEA growers might miss out on UV light benefitsCEA, Lighting4 weeks ago
📺 Transition to a plastic free crop clip system: now or later?Sustainability, Growing Systems4 weeks ago
📄 Parameters of Drainage Waters Collected during Soilless Tomato Cultivation in Mineral and Organic SubstratesGrowing Media, Irrigation, Recirculation4 weeks ago
A Vegan Vending Machine is Coming to Las VegasRetail1 month ago
We're pleased to release the inaugural issue of the #PrecisionAgriculture Digital Digest!General Interest1 month ago
Intelligent and active labels could ‘revolutionise food communication’Labels, Traceability, Nutrition, Marketing1 month ago
Government of Canada rolling out $100M in added support to food security organizations during COVID-19 pandemicFood Security1 month ago
Without fungicides, yields of most #fruits & vegetables would fall by 50–90% month ago
Growth prospects strong for controlled-environment leafy greensCEA, Vertical Farming1 month ago
📄 Monitoring and controlling water quality in aquaponicsAquaponics, Water Use, Sensors, Research Paper1 month ago
📄 Turn up the heat, and get more nutrition from your tomatoNutrition, Tomato, Research Paper1 month ago
Powerful ultrasonic anti-virus method ready for useIPM, Disease1 month ago
Investors to support developers bringing leaf cutting robot to the marketRobots, Automation1 month ago
📄 Effect of grafting and harvest stage on the quality of black cherry tomatoes cultivated in VietnamGrafting, Nutrients, Research Paper1 month ago
"New peat substitute is aggregate for substrates"Growing Media1 month ago
Container farm with carousel systems doubles yieldContainers1 month ago
More than 4,000 hectares of bananas in Tabasco were lost to the floodsFood Waste, Climate1 month ago
US total fresh-market vegetable shipments and prices, 2000-20Markets1 month ago
Japan: Ultraviolet ray machine to prevent mikan from rottingShelf-Life, Distribution, Harvest1 month ago
📄Using Temporally Resolved Floral Resource Maps to Explain Bumblebee Colony Performance in Agricultural LandscapesBees, Pollination, Research Paper1 month ago
Government of Canada to announce funding details to support food security organizationsFood Security, Canada, Government1 month ago
‘Fresh produce supply chains need to be fixed’Supply Chain1 month ago
Argos smart scanning system for trolleysSensors, Propagation, Quality Control, Automation1 month ago
How green is my fertiliser?Fertilizers1 month ago
pH tests for hydroponic leafy greensNutrients, Organic, Hydroponics1 month ago
Growers look to retain piece rate work despite union push for minimum wagesLabour, Seasonal1 month ago
"Active program for insect protection" - special crop production in protected areas at riskIPM, Pesticides1 month ago
"Robots and technology to change retail as we know it"Robots, Retail1 month ago
Useful insects used in southern Italy to preserve quality and defend strawberriesIPM, Pests1 month ago
Updated: Shippers blame carriers for entirely predictable US container graveyardShipping, Containers1 month ago
Vegan Dilly Bars Now At Every Dairy Queen in CanadaGeneral Interest1 month ago
Minister O’Regan Launches Hydrogen Strategy for CanadaAlternative Energy, Government, Canada1 month ago
University of Houston study evaluates food safety practices to reduce foodborne illnessesFood Safety1 month ago
Climalux introduces new LED light system for horticultureLEDs1 month ago
"Same mission, upgraded platform, shaped by lessons learned"Automation, Sensors1 month ago
BCPC online UK pesticide guide launches new featuresPesticides, IPM1 month ago
What to consider for next steps in growth or diversificationExpansion, Diversification1 month ago
Greenhouses, robots, and moreRobots, Greenhouse, Annual Review1 month ago