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It's cheaper to grow marijuana than food in vertical farmsVertical Farming, General Interest3 years ago
PepsiCo, Beyond Meat Create a Plant-Based PowerhouseGeneral Interest, Plant-Based Meat3 years ago
Automated refrigerated container monitoring results in fewer claimsSensors, Automation, Reefers, Containers3 years ago
Study on strawberry variety evaluations in different production systemsGrowing Systems3 years ago
Pollination and biocontrol in lit strawberry cropsPollination3 years ago
BC invests $3M in agritech grant program to improve sustainable food productionSustainability, Government3 years ago
The Not-So-Green PistachioOrganic, Food Safety3 years ago
Vertical Roots introduces reduced-plastic packaging in saladsPackaging3 years ago
📄 Effect of Deficit Irrigation and Reduced N Fertilization on Plant Growth, Root Morphology, and Water Use Efficiency of Tomato Grown in Soilless CultureIrrigation, Nutrients, Growing, Research Paper3 years ago
Seed companies warn gardeners of shortages, delays: ‘Like the toilet paper situation last spring’General Interest, Seeds3 years ago
Fundamentals of Food Fraud Explained, Global Threat Cannot Be IgnoredCrime, Food Safety3 years ago
After the first strike in 35 years...Labour3 years ago
‘World’s biggest’ piece of cell-based whole cut analogue developed: ‘Meatballs, burgers and nuggets have already been done’Alternative Foods, Plant-Based Meat3 years ago
📄 Papaya varieites well-adapted to greenhouse cultivationCEA, Greenhouse, Growing Systems, Research Paper3 years ago
📄 Tomato detection by robots in complex environmental conditionsRobots, Tomato, Harvest, Research Paper3 years ago
📄 Study on plant genome editing with new variant of CRISPR-Cas9Genetics, Research Paper3 years ago
70 years of water storage systems in horticultureWater Use, Irrigation, Horticulture, General Interest3 years ago
New product provides PAR light readings under any light sourceSensors, PAR3 years ago
Worldwide volumes of refrigerated trade reached a new high of 169.2 million tons in 2019Cold Chain, Reefers, Shipping, Containers, Distribution3 years ago
Growing tomatoes on perlite, why not?Growing Media, Tomato, Growing Systems3 years ago
UK: Cocaine worth £76 million found in banana shipmentCrime, Shipping, Banana3 years ago
Our Future Food Supply Depends on Endangered Wild CropsClimate, Food Security, General Interest3 years ago
Vertical farming uses a lot less water but investors are starting to realize it’s expensive to keep grow-lights running for 12-16 hours a dayVertical Farming, Energy Use, Energy Costs, Lighting3 years ago
Are Genetically Modified Foods Safe to Eat?GMO, Food Safety, Genetics3 years ago
Israeli Pollinator Drones : Know about the Best Drones for PollinationDrones, Pollination3 years ago
LED Light Literally Helps This Plant to GrowLEDs, General Interest3 years ago
Government of Canada invests $162.6 million to strengthen Canadian Food Inspection AgencyGovernment, Canada, Food Safety3 years ago
This is the World’s First Home Hydrogen BatteryAlternative Energy, General Interest3 years ago
The Produce Marketing Association has announced its new certificate course, The Essentials of Produce at RetailLearning, Retail3 years ago
This is what it looks like to plant more than 250,000+ Tomato plants in a greenhouseTomato, Greenhouse, General Interest3 years ago
Unilever tests nano factory: ‘This trial is assessing a de-centralised production model’Containers, Innovation3 years ago
Supply Chain Visibility and Transparency a Key Element of Change in 2021Automation, Supply Chain, Transparency, Food Safety3 years ago
US judge unlikely to ban hydroponic crops from organic labelOrganic, Hydroponics3 years ago
Success of CRISPR tomato may determine if gene-edited foods take root in JapanGenetics, Tomato, Markets, GMO3 years ago
Instacart to cut nearly 1,900 jobs as part of labor model shiftLabour, Retail3 years ago
📄 Study on rapid detection of nutrient content of hydroponically grown lettuce cultivarsNutrients, Research Paper, Hydroponics3 years ago
"Biodegradable plastics help reduce agricultural plastic waste"Food Waste, Zero Waste3 years ago
GP Solutions begins production of "better than organic" strawberriesOrganic3 years ago
📄 Design and simulation of a control for the opening and closing of the side ventilationGreenhouse, Climate, Automation, Research Paper3 years ago
"Which type of hydroponic system is better?"Hydroponics, Growing Systems3 years ago