Introduction to the 'Container Culture' Blog

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Submitted by Andrew Simard on 2020-Jul-01 Wed 13:25
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Field crops, greenhouses, protected climate, and more recently vertical farming, are all well-understood entries in the horticulture lexicon. The term 'container culture' was coined as a way to represent another new growing system where ISO shipping containers are used instead of a field or a greenhouse or a warehouse.  Various approaches are already well-established in production systems, with varying levels of container customization and an array of different plants being grown and of course with an array of business models to support them.

This blog is focused on exploring everything to do with growing food in these kinds of shipping containers.  The focus is primarily on fresh produce but other kinds of food are fair game as well.  Likewise, any scale is of interest here, but the ultimate goal is commercial food production at a large scale.  So while it is certainly possible to make use of a single container, the initial capital costs may be prohibitive depending on the business model and type of food being grown.  And scaling a business in the way that the folks in Silicon Valley like to do doesn't work particularly well.  Agriculture in general often doesn't scale very well for many of the same reasons.  All fair game for exploration here.