Introduction to the 'Better Than Organic' Blog

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Submitted by Andrew Simard on 2020-Jul-01 Wed 13:04
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For some time, there has been a concerted effort afoot to encourage Organic agricultural practices along with increasingly successful attempts to encourage consumers that the output of these practices is worth the additional effort and expense involved.  While many elements of such Organic agricultural practices are certainly worthy of encouragement and adoption, simply adhering to the standards set by whatever certifying body covers a particular growing or distribution operation is rarely the optimal approach.  Nor does attaining such a certification guarantee that the additional effort and expense actually delivers proportionate value to the consumer.

This blog strives to address two complementary aspects of this situation.  First, to serve as a tool to explore options that may help a grower implement elements above and beyond what a certifying body may require in a way that is ultimately more beneficial to the grower, the consumer, or both.  And second, to similarly serve as a tool to explore options where certification may not be feasible yet there may still be a desire to adhere to the underlying principles of Organic agriculture.  Much like the zero waste movement, the underlying principles may well be worth incorporating into your business model, even though the final goal may ultimately be out of reach.