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Introduction to News From Elsewhere (updated)Website, News5 months ago
“From farm to capsule”: UK innovator repurposes surplus veg into nutraceutical powdersAlternative Foods, Food Waste, Waste Recovery2 weeks ago
'Fairer returns needed to offset increasing labour costs'Labour2 weeks ago
Agromic practices to improve crop managementGrowing Systems2 weeks ago
Does Vertical Farming Actually Work?Vertical Farming, Sustainability2 weeks ago
Food self-sufficiency a mustFood Security2 weeks ago
Getting To The (Expired) MeatFood Safety, Crime2 weeks ago
Israeli researchers develop AI method for prediction of crop stressArtificial Intelligence, Growing Systems2 weeks ago
New compostable packaging can double shelf-life of fresh produce, claims PerfoTecPackaging, Shelf-Life2 weeks ago
ore light, spectra, and flexibility with new vertical farming fixtureLEDs2 weeks ago
Providing the knowledge and recipes for growing any crop successfullyVertical Farming, Learning, Crop Recipes2 weeks ago
Study on uncovering microbiomes for urban farmingGenetics, Growing Systems, Microbiome2 weeks ago
📅 Save the Dates: 2021 Food Safety Consortium Virtual Conference Spring and Fall Series AnnouncedFood Safety2 weeks ago
📄 Study on cloud computing approaches applied to growing tomatoesTomato, Research Paper, Irrigation2 weeks ago
America is hungrier than ever for #sustainable food systemsSustainability, Food Systems3 weeks ago
Here's what's at stake for American producers in a climate of rampant mislabelingLabels, Crime3 weeks ago
Light company LumiGrow has ceased operationsGeneral Interest, LEDs, Lighting3 weeks ago
Record-low global schedule reliability of 44.6% in December 2020Containers, Shipping3 weeks ago
Study on how plants and trees stabilize their water pipes to grow tallerGrowing3 weeks ago
Transferring excess heat and humidity without gappingGreenhouse, Growing Systems3 weeks ago
"The solution lies not in less but in better packaging"Packaging3 weeks ago
Cheap Lazy Vegan: How to Eat Plant-Based When You’re BrokeGeneral Interest3 weeks ago
Chorizo alternative made from molecular modelling platform ‘replicates the flavour and texture of real meat’Alternative Foods, Plant-Based Meat3 weeks ago
How to calculate the light a crop is receiving in the greenhouseLight, Sensors, Greenhouse3 weeks ago
Matrix Meats wants to contribute to the future of foodAlternative Foods, Plant-Based Meat3 weeks ago
Some Food Contamination Starts In The SoilRead… Safety, Growing Media3 weeks ago
What’s the best ROI when it comes to grow light technology?Lighting, LEDs3 weeks ago
Fareshare rescues surplus UK food to feed the vulnerable with Future ProcessingFood Waste, Waste Recovery3 weeks ago
GCC Countries are food-secure while not yet self-sufficientFood Security3 weeks ago
McDonald’s McPlant Burger Is Officially on the MarketPlant-Based Meat, Alternative Foods3 weeks ago
📅 Can We Reduce Pest Pressure in Floriculture by Adjusting Plant Nutrition?IPM, Nutrients, Pests3 weeks ago
Egypt plans to cut pesticide use by half by 2030Pesticides3 weeks ago
Family Farms Continue to Power U.S. AgricultureLabour3 weeks ago
FreshPlaza February Global Focus on organicsOrganic3 weeks ago
Local workers applying as Queensland farmers are forced to up wagesLabour, Seasonal, Foreign Workers3 weeks ago
New technology strengthens food security, safetyFood Security, Food Safety, Canada, British Columbia3 weeks ago
Ontario to increase COVID inspections of greenhousesLabour, Health3 weeks ago
Over the next 10 years, 75% of farms will change hands, yet only 8% have a written transition planLabour3 weeks ago
Research on LED colors for horticultural lightingLEDs, Light Recipes3 weeks ago
Space Agriculture Market Overview, Growth Forecast, Demand and Development Research Report ...Extreme Environments3 weeks ago