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Labour plan will help fruit and vegetable growers supply fresh produce to Australians

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Sep-04 Fri 08:18

AUSVEG, Australia’s peak industry body for vegetable and potato growers, supports the labour plan submitted by the National Farmers’ Federation’s Horticulture Council that will help give growers confidence that they can get the workers they need to get fruits and vegetables off the farm and to consumers.…

Okanagan apple & pear growers face significant losses due to labour shortage

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Sep-04 Fri 08:14

The British Columbia Fruit Growers’ Association is once again appealing to locals to consider picking fruit as temporary employment. A similar plea was made earlier in the season, just before the cherry harvest. The plea is deemed necessary in the wake of a severe labour shortage of foreign workers.…

Michigan growers react to court ruling on migrant worker COVID-19 testing

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Sep-04 Fri 08:12

On Wednesday evening, the US Court of Appeals ruled on a very controversial case involving seasonal workers. The court denied a group of nearly 200 agricultural business owners and employees the chance to convince a judge that migrant workers should not have to be tested for COVID-19. Farmers argue that…

CAN: 1-month extension for SAWP contract

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Aug-31 Mon 09:04

SAWP workers are now permitted to continue working beyond their end-date (up to 1-month) as identified on their employer’s LMIA for the 2020 season. For information on extending work permits for workers from other Temporary Foreign Worker Program streams, please visit the government website or view the…

Scottish vegetable growers prevented from using unlicensed labour

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Aug-28 Fri 09:27

The Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) has stopped a Scottish vegetable growing business from using workers provided to them by an unlicensed recruitment agency. A Labour Market Enforcement Undertaking (LMEU) has been served to the business based in Angus, north-east Scotland, which supplies…

Low volume and labor issues challenged B.C. cherry growers

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Aug-21 Fri 10:26

As British Columbia’s cherry season wraps up, thoughts turn towards next year and how to plan accordingly for what could be a large crop. These thoughts follow a challenging 2020 season. “It was a lower year for volume and it was a slower crop,” says Sukhpaul Bal, president of the B.C. Cherry…

Securing the seasonal workforce, state by state

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Aug-20 Thu 09:55

Labour availability is a priority for apple and pear growers nationally, with negotiations to allow Pacific Islands workers entry to the country a key focus of both national and state bodies. A poll conducted last week by APAL found that 53 per cent of growers are ‘not confident’ of their chances of…

B.C. fruit growers appeal to local residents to help with harvest as COVID-19 keeps foreign workers away

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Aug-11 Tue 17:21

Fruit growers are appealing to British Columbians in need of work to help with the remaining harvest this year.

Hydroponic tomato grower expands year-round offerings and organic varieties

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Aug-11 Tue 09:49

The fresh produce market, like all grocery categories, is experiencing new challenges relating to the COVID virus. Alejandro Santander, Vice President of Sales and Operations with Globalmex International, and their Magic Sun-branded hothouse tomatoes, indicates that there are always challenges in the ag…

Australian unions want to call ban on overseas seasonal workers

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Aug-11 Tue 09:38

The Australian Workers' Union, the Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association and the Transport Workers' Union have formed an alliance, calling for a ban on working holidaymaker visa. The unions want Australian farmers to stop hiring international backpackers to harvest their crops and instead…

Demand for direct-hire labor in agriculture is seasonal

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Aug-11 Tue 09:38

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has decreased labor availability in many sectors of the economy. In agriculture, labor inputs consist of unpaid farm operator labor (including spouse and family labor), direct-hire labor, and labor contracted through a third party. In 2018, 62 percent of total farm labor hours…