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Food Pioneers Bring Oink-less Bacon to Market

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Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Dec-08 Tue 18:16
2020-Dec-08 Tue 18:16

The wait is over! Run, don’t walk, to Honest Weight Food Co-op in Albany, New York to get your mycelium loving-hands on some pig-free bacon.


MyBacon, the first plant-based meat substitute produced by Ecovative spin-off Atlast Food Co., is officially available for guilt-free bacon consumption by the general public. The journey to this historic agricultural milestone was made possible, in record time, by Atlast Food Co.’s initial $7 million in seed financing which closed in early June 2020. Atlast is staffed with a dedicated and talented team of visionaries and leaders growing the tastiest faux bacon on grocery shelves.

S.F.'s Hooray Foods launches alternative bacon in 300 Whole Foods stores

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Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Nov-18 Wed 19:01
2020-Nov-18 Wed 19:01

From a kitchen counter in front of the Great British Baking Show to the shelves of Whole Foods, it's been a whirlwind journey in just a year for Hooray Foods CEO Sri Artham.

Atlast, the Ecovative spinoff, will begin selling its plant-based bacon this month

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Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Nov-05 Thu 13:44
2020-Nov-05 Thu 13:44

After nearly $20 million and two years of development, Atlast Food Co. is about to release its flagship product, a mushroom-based bacon. Its goal: sell 100 million pounds over the next five years.

Food Friday: Vegan bacon startup gets a boost at Whole Foods

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Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Oct-30 Fri 13:17
2020-Oct-30 Fri 13:17

The Berkeley, Calif., alternative meat startup Prime Roots is serving up prepared meals featuring its plant-based products made from the Japanese superfood koji — a fermented mold — starting this week at select Whole Foods locations in the Bay Area.

Customers can munch on an assortment of its meatless products incorporated into prepared meals like rice bowls with chicken, kung-pao chicken, beef lemongrass and bacon or lobster mac-n-cheese.

With the Whole Foods partnership, the idea is to show potential customers how they can add the fungi-based meat into recipes at home. If they like how it tastes, they can purchase the product directly from the Prime Roots website, where they can get a prepared meal or an 8-ounce package of koji-based bacon for $9.99.

Rejoice, Nerds! Lab-Grown Bacon Is Here

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Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Jul-22 Wed 14:54
2020-Jul-22 Wed 14:54

Finally, the world of lab-grown meat has given us an artificial form of bacon.

Higher Steaks, a U.K.-based alternative meat startup, has managed to create both bacon and pork belly from a mixture of lab-grown cells and miscellaneous plant products, proteins, fats, and starches, TechCrunch reports. While many of the alternative meat startups out there have been trying to crack steak, this is the first time anyone’s managed to concoct lab-grown bacon.