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Did you know tomatoes are the most popular crop grown in greenhouse environments?

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Sep-19 Sat 03:37

Did you know #tomatoes are the most popular crop grown in #greenhouse environments? Tomato plants can actually reach over 40 feet in length and have advantages over field crops in that they use up to 90% less water and rely on beneficial insects as pest control.

Posted by P.L. Light Systems (PLlight) on Wednesday, August 26th, 2020 12:17pm 1 like, 1 retweet

'We try to be quick choosing varieties that allow us to continue being innovative'

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Jul-24 Fri 09:37

The European tomato market is undergoing important changes, both in the productive potential and in consumer trends and preferences. How do you survive in an increasingly competitive market? Product diversification and the constant selection of varieties is one of the keys for Bonnysa, which in addition…

BraZander first nursery in Bayer's Forward Farming network

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Jul-09 Thu 14:35

Bayer, De Ruiter and BraZander Nursery have unveiled the next steps in their cooperation to demonstrate sustainable glasshouse tomato production. BraZander will be the first nursery in Bayer's ForFarming network. This is a new step in the cooperation of Bayer and the growers, because in 2018 they worked…

Sensors were allowed to prove themselves by test with increased pre-night temperature in tomato

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Jul-09 Thu 10:54

In 'The Road to Digital Green Fingers' project, researchers increased the pre-night temperature in a tomato cultivation by one degree for four weeks. In this way, the crop was 'bullied' to see how far it could go, but especially also to understand the physiology behind the measurements. The better that…

'The price war on the tomato market has started again'

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Jul-09 Thu 10:53

It is a peculiar year for the tomato. When the lockdown started around mid-March, French producers were just gaining volumes. Despite this difficult context, the tomato campaign went well for Prince de Bretagne during the lockdown. “The French origin was promoted in stores, which was favorable to us,”…

Pollinating robot looking to shake up $900m greenhouse tomato industry

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Jul-08 Wed 11:43

An Israeli company that has created an autonomous pollinating robot has started its first trials in Australia. Arugga AI Farming is hoping its technology can transform Australia's greenhouse farming sector, especially greenhouse tomatoes, which are currently pollinated by hand. Chief executive Iddo…