Project Added: Everyday IPM

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Submitted by Andrew Simard on 2022-Mar-21 Mon 13:02
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A new project has been added to the 500 Foods website: Everyday IPM.

This is a project that has been under development for the past several months, but is now ready for regular production use.  Generally speaking, IPM (Integrated pest management) is an important aspect of any agricultural system. But particularly so for those growing large numbers of plants in any kind of production environment.  Greenhouses, for example, typically need some kind of IPM Framework in place to help combat the onslaught of various pests and diseases that, once they get their foot in the door, can quickly overrun a crop.  This can result in various levels of impact, from mild reduction in yields to wiping out the crop entirely in a matter of just a few days.  So having a system in place to keep track of and otherwise manage this situation is critically important.

As a project, Everyday IPM has been developed as a stand-alone mobile-friendly website It has been developed with new tools, but sits atop the same infrastructure that has successfully been supporting many of the other 500 Foods projects for the past 25+ years.