Website Update: November 2020

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Submitted by Andrew Simard on 2020-Dec-03 Thu 17:16
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Some effort has been put into settting up a suitable notifications system for content published on the 500 Foods website. While not new to the site, the Digest and Subscription options have been cleaned up considerably, particularly in terms of the formatting of emails that are sent out. Both of these notification systems make heavy use of HTML-enabled e-mail to format the content in a manner that is reflective of the overall theme of the 500 Foods website.

  1. Digests are used to send notifications on a schedule, typically daily or weekly. The notification email in these cases contain links to all content updated over a period of time and also include personalized information like the user's bookmarks.
  2. Subscriptions on the other hand are used to send out notifications based on the publication of a single content item, like a new News From Elsewhere item, for example. In this case, the notification email contains just information about that item, including a full view of the content (not just the title and a link) along with tags and URLs that are related to that item.

General Maintenance

Turned out to be a relatively quiet month with most website-related work focused on general stability improvements and performance tweaks. This included updating to Drupal 9.1.0 along with updates to a number of key modules. Updates of this nature tend to go smoothly for the most part but sometimes a little extra nudging here and there is required to get things moving in the right direction.

Oasis Web

The initial debut of Oasis Web finally arrived - a web-enabled interface to some of the more popular Oasis apps. More information can be found in a separate blog posting, HTML-Enabled Apps Released as Oasis Web.

On Deck

Carrying over from previous months, the list of projects on the front-burner remains largely the same. The commerce portion of the site needs to be sorted out. A search function that also encompassess the Canvas site will be added. The support forum will be enabled. And work on additional marketing materials for all projects will continue.