500 Foods has a new website Andrew Simard 2018-Jul-23 (Mon) 08:53:05

We're thrilled to announce that we have finally gotten our new website off the ground.  Been a long time coming, but with everything else being a higher priority, it just never got the resources it needed.  But it is here now, and hopefully the foundation has been laid that will serve us well for some time to come.

500 Foods Corporate Blog Andrew Simard 2018-Jul-23 (Mon) 08:51:46

Welcome to the 500 Foods corporate blog.  This is where we'll be posting news about the company intended for the general public.  Press releases, job postings, events, milestones, raises, things of that nature. 

The intended audience for this blog includes anyone interested in our journey towards our goal of creating a fresh produce container system that works at a large scale.  This might include those that are helping us along this path, those that might be interested in joining us, potential future customers or others in this industry.