This robot fry chef on rails can be yours for $30,000

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Miso Robotics is one of the many firms trying to automate food preparation, and today, it announced that its latest machine — which places its burger-flipping bot Flippy on rails to move it about the kitchen more easily — is now on sale globally.

Prices for the contraption (known as the Flippy Robot-on-a-Rail or Flippy ROAR) start at $30,000, though Miso Robotics wants to bring the cost down to $20,000 in the future. The company is also offering the option to hire Flippy ROAR for $1,500 a month, a fee which includes maintenance and upgrades and which Miso says is cheaper overall than hiring humans.

Like Flippy before it, Flippy ROAR is designed to automate simple food prep, specifically anything involving fryers and grills. The robot...

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