Iconic MacroBin gets design makeover

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IPL Macro, Fairfield, Calif., is revamping the MacroBin 26 almost three decades after it was introduced to produce growers, with design enhancements to make it more durable.

The MacroBin 26 NG (Next Generation) will be available to growers this fall. It features reinforced columns allowing them to act as bumpers, absorbing the impact to reduce damage, according to a news release. A cross pattern design in the base also increases strength.

The design creates a “bruise buffer zone,” reducing the bulging of bin walls so produce doesn’t suffer side impact.

“We are very excited about the latest addition to our MacroBin family of products.” Todd Weitekamp, vice president of sales, said in the release. “At Macro we always strive to create products that help our customers as we continue to aim towards more sustainable supply chain solutions.”

The MacroBin 26 NG comes in fully-vented and solid-wall configurations. Drain holes have been added to the rim and more ventilation in the sides and base are designed for faster cooling, according to the release.

Finally, the updated version has smoother interiors and rounded corners to reduce damage to product and make sanitation easier

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