Compac UltraView new produce inspection module wins New Zealand tech award

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Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Sep-26 Sat 23:25
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Compac’s UltraView produce inspection module has been recognized by the New Zealand Hi-Tech Awards program as the 2020 winner of the Most Innovative Agritech Solution of the year.

UltraView was launched by Compac, which is part of the TOMRA Food family of companies, in late 2019.


UltraView maximizes the performance of Compac’s Spectrim, a powerful grading platform for fresh fruit and vegetables. UltraView’s advantage is its capability to reliably find defects in fresh produce that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to detect because of shape and/or location.

The UltraView module contains a set of high-resolution multi-spectral (color and infrared) cameras and LED lights which are located close to the fruit, parallel to its direction of travel. In this position, the UltraView cameras generate high-quality images for close inspection of the fruit’s stem bowl and tip regions.

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