Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA)

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The purpose of indoor agriculture is to provide plants with a protected and controlled environment. Greenhouses, vertical farms, closed plant production systems, and other protected agriculture systems allow for year-round crop production, optimal growth, and maximum profits.  

The many benefits of growing food crops indoors include: 
  • Year-round production        
  • Production in unfavorable climates 
  • High crop densities and yields (kg/m2, lb/ft2)     
  • Decreased irrigation water use   
  • Consistent quality        
  • Control over nutrient delivery 
  • Protection from animals and pests       
  • Improved flavor      
  • Added value       
  • Price premium

To achieve these benefits, greenhouses require a broad spectrum of technology and capabilities, including a structure and equipment for protecting and controlling the plant environment.  Greenhouses can be very technically complex; however, they also share many similar needs and qualities of any plant production endeavor, including access to water, energy, land, and skilled labor.  Follow along with us this month as we talk more about CEA Basics. Our next blog series will more closely examine:
  • Planning and Design
  • Facility Options
  • Sustainability
  • Resources
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