Apeel expands distribution in Germany, reveals food waste reduction

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Germany’s Edeka Group is offering citrus and avocados treated by Apeel Science’s plant-derived technology in more than 11,000 Edeka and Netto stores throughout Germany.

A pilot test this year of Apeel’s technology in about 2,900 Edeka and Netto Marken-Discount stores resulted in a 50% reduction in wasted avocados and greater consumer satisfaction, according to a news release.

The release said Edeka and Santa Barbara, Calif.-based Apeel plan to introduce additional items, subject to approval by European Union authorities.

“With the nationwide launch of Apeel in our stores, we are reaching a new milestone in our goal of reducing food waste and the use of plastic packaging step-by-step,” E Mosa, CEO of Hamburg-based Edeka AG,  said in the release.  “We also support our shoppers to make an active contribution themselves to prevent valuable food in the household from ending up in the garbage bin.”

The pilot with Apeel was conducted in the first half of the year. Avocados from Chile and Peru were treated with Apeel’s plant-based solution. Over a period of twelve weeks, shrink and food loss, sales and turnover values were tracked, according to the release.

When compared with avocados from a control group, Apeel treated avocados had half the waste. Stores with the Apeel program saw a 20% growth in avocado sales, with fewer avocados lost to spoilage and increased customer demand.

Avocados treated with Apeel have an extended shelf like because the  plant-derived technology retains moisture while reducing oxidation, according to the release.

“When we use nature's solutions to solve food waste, everyone benefits — food retailers, shoppers and ultimately, the environment,” CEO James Rogers said in the release.

Results at Edeka suggest  the industry is “entering an age of sustainability,” according to the release.

“Solving food waste goes beyond a better bottom line: it's now understood to be the number-one way to fight climate change,” he said.


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