Glossary: B

Refers to a collection of plants\, typically of the same type\, age\, generation\, etc. Batches may contain a few dozen plants or several hundred plants.
Greenhouses are often subdivided into many different area\, with or without physical barriers between them. Produce greenhouses are typically also configured with long paths (commonly also referred to as rows) of plants. A bay usually refers to a set number of these paths\, often set between rows of structural posts in the greenhouse. Often\, bays have five rows but it may be different in any given facility.
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Usually refers to paid work breaks. Paid breaks are tracked throughout the Oasis system and can be reported on\, used in allocation reports and so on. Often breaks are 'included' in other activites using a mechanism called 'linked activities' whereby the timee or cost allocated to a break that is taken during or after an activity is included in the activity. Most of the time\, breaks are included in shift definitions and are not punched by workers directly.