Glossary: M

   Modified Atmosphere Packaging, or MAP, involves packaging fresh produce or other perishable goods in an alternative atmosphere with the intent of dramtically increasing shelf life. Typically this involves lowering the amount of oxygen in the package, replacing it with either nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Other combinations may also be used to achieve different results.
For most views within the Oasis Desktop application\, there is a Modifier/Modified text block that appears at the top of the Utility Panel to the right of the view. This shows who the last person was that modified the currently selected record in the view\, as well as when that modification was made. Some views may also have a more detailed transaction-type history associated with them\, but most views just track who the last editor was.
This term refers to a component of either the Oasis Desktop or Oasis Tablet application. These applications are divided up into different Modules\, each with their own security and permissions attributes. The general idea is to have each module cover a particular business or job function\, with all of the related reports and editors available in that one place. The Labour Manager and the IPM Manager are examples of modules. In each\, there are a number of different things that can be done\, tailored specifically for the person who is doing that kind of work.