Glossary: D

Virtually all of the data that is contained within an Oasis system is contained within a database. Generally speaking\, this is a collection of tables\, rows and columns that are stored on a centrallized and dedicated server that provides secure\, optimized and efficient access to all the data wihtin it. There are many commercial databases available\, including the likes of IBM's DB2 Database\, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle's portfolio of database products.
Acronym for Database Management System. See also Database.
Generally refers to plant density\, expressed as number of plants per square metre. Densities are managed in the Density Manager and are used primarily in calculating worker performance figures (min/100pl for example). They are updated several times per year as plant densities change throughout the life of a typical crop.
Refers to a part of an organization responsible for one of its key functions\, like the HR department or the Accounting department. Within Oasis\, departments can be defined in different ways\, including by activity in the Activity Manager and also in Allocation reports.
Someone that is directly employed by the primary organization. Some organizations treat labour data collected from direct workers differently than labour data collected from workers provided by a labour contractor. Some organizations also differentiate between direct hourly workers and direct salary workers. These tend to be simply different ways of organizing the data that is collected into different reports. For example\, excluding management-type workers from certain kinds of performance reports. See also Employee and Worker.
Similar to a department\, a division typically represents part of an organization\, but split up by physical location rather than by organizational function. For example\, an organization that operates in two different cities might want to report on costs separately\, so the workers in each location would be assigned to separate divisions\, though they may be performing many or all of the same tasks.