Glossary: C

Sometimes referred to as an activity category\, a category refers to a set of related activities. Some organizations group activities together by job function (categories like crop work vs. maintenance for example)\, whereas other organizations may group activities by where they take place (categories like greenhouse vs. packing). The choice of how to organize activities in this way is largely arbitrary. Categories are assigned using the Activity Manager. Note that as there is no historical tracking of category assignments to a particular activity\, the category doesn't usually change once activities have been initially setup.
Sometimes referred to as payroll classfication or worker class or just class\, this is usually used as a way to run different payrolls for workers. For example\, workers that are paid directly by an organization might be assigned to a "direct" classification\, whereas workers that are paid via a labour contractor would be assigned a classification corresponding to that particular labour contractor. Running payroll or other related reports will often have Classification as one of the parameters or criteria for the report.
See Allocation Rule.
Throughout the Oasis system\, there are many instances where a record is being added to a view and the record contains fields with a list of choices. Often\, these choices are organization-specific or need to be altered\, augmented or otherwise amended for a particular situation. Most of these 'lists' can be found in the Configuration Manager\, and many have been assigned a specific number\, referred to as a Configuration Parameter. For example\, Configuration Parameter #0 is a list in the Configuration Manager that contains the options for 'Worker Status' in the Worker Manager. There are more than 200 such configuration parameters in the Oasis system.
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This is the menu that pops up when right-clicking somwhere in the Oasis Desktop application. The menu that appears will likely be different depending on where you click (the 'context' is different). This is used in many places throughout the application and it would be helpful to become familiar with the different options available in the context menus that have been provided. Context menus are not used nearly as much in the other applications as a traditional mouse is often not present.
As workers punch in activities throughout their day\, there are times when mistakes are made\, or when changes need to be made to the punches that were collected. The administrative work of reviewing and updating those records is generally referred to as "corrections". There is in fact a Daily Corrections report to help with this\, but the activity generally involves ensuring that the worker data collected is accurate and complete enough to be able to use the information for payroll. This work is usually done in the Labour Manager.
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