Glossary: S

Greenhouses can be divided up into different sets of areas depending on the purpose. In Oasis\, section refers to sets of paths that have some structural or operational commonality. Sections may be defined to mirror irrigation or climate zones or some other aspect. In greenhouses where plants are managed in different stages of growth\, sections may be assigned to areas for each\, eg. nursery and harvest sections.
While most of the terms used to describe areas or subsets of a greenhouse\, like phase or section\, typically refer to sets of paths\, a sector defines an area that runs perpendicular to paths. For example\, there may be four sectors on either side of the centre path of the greenhouse\, with sectors labelled as A\, B\, C and D. The sector can then be used to describe a location within a given path or bay.
Refers to a specific grouping of workers that is used throughout the Oasis system and includes information about the hours worked and other elements pertaining to labour. Similar to Teams\, Shifts can also be used for grouping on reports and for access control. A worker can only be a member of one shift on any particular day.
This term has two different but related meanings. The first is a reference to a person that is responsible for a set of workers. Greenhouse workers for example might work as a team and that team may have a supervisor that oversees what they are doing. The second use of this term is when it is used to describe an area within a greenhouse. Some organizations manage work by assigning supervisors to look after specific areas. Sort of like 'bay ownership' where a single individual is responsible for the activities of one bay of plants. In this usage\, areas of the greenhouse are assigned to a supervisor explicitly\, which can then be used when running reports and comparing performance\, for example.
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