PBPC Newsletter December 16, 2020

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Welcome to the Plant Based Products Council Newsletter- our final issue for 2020! We’ll be back the first week of 2021. In the meantime, read on for the latest in PBPC news and activities, as well as some of the amazing innovations, trends, and developments happening right now in the sustainability and bioeconomy world! If you missed our last edition, check it out using the link below.

PBPC Newsletter December 3, 2020


PBPC’s Member Spotlight launches December 28 with a feature on Green Dot Bioplastics. Check PBPC’s social media for Member Spotlight promos and the website for full profiles. If your company is interested in being featured in an upcoming Member Spotlight, contact Thomas Parks at thomas@pbpc.com for more details.


Last week, PBPC issued a press release detailing the significant market potential of plant-based products uncovered through its consumer research program. The polling results showed the majority of U.S. consumers are receptive to plant-based products and packaging, with 54% viewing them favorably and 59% expressing interest. For more information on the results of PBPC’s 2020 consumer research program, click here. However, if you want to access the full report, you’ll need to join as a PBPC member.

And be sure to check out this video, in which PBPC Executive Director Jessica Bowman discusses the results of this work.

Plant Based Products Council: Press Release
Plastics Today: Huge US Potential for Plant-Based Products and Packaging


The BioPreferred Program is among our very favorite federal programs, so we’re excited to see USDA launch a campaign to explain and promote the USDA Certified Biobased Product label, through their new campaign called “Do The Twist.” While Chubby Checker does not make an appearance, check out the video below.

USDA: On YouTube


PBPC finished the year strong, with materials you shouldn’t miss. First, check out Executive Director Jessica Bowman’s radio interview with Ag Central, discussing our industry and World Soil Health Day. Second, please find our friends and allies, Farmers for Free Trade, publishing a major report on their AgTalks program, sponsored in part by PBPC. The program highlighted many important issues related to the future of agriculture, including trade, supply chains, and the role of plant-based materials in tackling environmental challenges while creating economic opportunity for rural America. 

Ag Central: Expanding the Use of Plant Based Products
AgTalks: Farmers for Free Trade Report


PBPC isn’t the only one who finished the year strong. Our industry delivered a number of important advancements and announcements – so many we broke them into two categories. Our favorites: packaging from ag waste like, citrus peels, and a great video on seaweed from the FT.

Dairy Reporter: Recyclable Plastic from Citrus Peels
Financial Times: Seaweed: Sustainable Crop Of The Future?
Financial Times: Braskem Bets On Growing Demand For Bioplastics
Food Business News: Coca-Cola’s Paper Bottle Setting Trends
Packaging World: Bio-Based Food Tray Made In The USA
AZO Cleantech: A Naturally Biodegradable Plastic Alternative
New Atlas: Durable New Bioplastic Can Hold Boiling Liquids
Canadian Plastics: DSM And Neste Partner To Create High-Performance Materials From Sustainable Feedstock
Happi: Beiersdorf To Use Renewable Plastics In Cosmetics Packaging


Despite all the links above, packaging is just one piece of our industry. Below are links to news about durable goods, chemicals, textiles, insect repellants and more from plant-based feedstocks.

BioMarket Insights: Bio-Based Herbicides And Biocides
Forbes: The Answer To Fashion’s Plastic Problem?
Rappler: Unilever: 100% Of Home Care Ingredients To Be Renewables By 2030
Nature: Natural Insect Repellent From Bio-Based Feedstocks
Upper Michigan Source: Finland, Maine And Michigan Partner Toward Sustainable Growth In Forest Bioeconomy
C&EN: Elementis And Nxtlevvel Form Biobased Solvents Pact


Our sustainable industry continues to attract the attention of financiers, deep-pocketed companies hoping to engender change, and entire markets – like the ESG Bond market. 

Financial Times: Nestlé To Spend €3bn In 5 Years On Climate Measures
Automotive World: BASF: Launches New Circular Economy Program
Bloomberg: ESG Bonds Offer Rare Bright Spot Next Year In Europe
Geektime: TIPA Lands $4M For Biodegradable Food Packaging Market
Reuters: Analysis: Exchange Operators Embrace Sustainable Investing, With An Eye On Biden


Non-plant materials recycling and science hasn’t stood still either. Recent advancements we love include building homes from recycled plastic, a focus on circularity in the fashion industry, additives to help address plastic in nature, and big companies developing big circular solutions.

The Print: A Norwegian Startup Wants To Build Affordable Housing From 100% Recycled Plastic
Vogue Business: Fashion’s Circular Economy Could Be Worth $5 Trillion
Forbes: Circular Economy And The Textile Industry
Good News Network: Plastic Additive Strives To Be Biodegrading Game-Changer
Plastics In Packaging: Mars Wrigley UK To Remove 51 Tonnes Of Plastics


Hopefully, all the scientific advancements helped boost your mood, because these links are going to take you down a notch. Here’s the latest science about our poor planet. If you haven’t seen it, don’t miss the NY Times piece about the Arctic.

The New York Times: North Not-So-Frozen, Scientists Warn
Wired: The Incredible Journey Of The Electronic Plastic Bottle
Al Jazeera: Despite Ban, Kenya Is Drowning In Single-Use Plastic


There’s an incredible array of earth-saving science going, much of it focused on sustainable agriculture. Our favorites: cassava to improve soil and algae to prevent gassy cows.  Moooo…

Earth.com: Cassava Could Help Restore Degraded Land
The Wall Street Journal: Nature’s Guide To Building Resilient Systems
The Washington Post: An Unusual Snack For Cows, A Powerful Fix For Climate
Daily Herald: Valent Expands Efforts To Protect Soil
Business Wire: Nutrien Launching Carbon Program To Drive Sustainability In Agriculture


The potential for real change is out there, with the appropriate political will. And a number of stories focusing on this issue point to possible progress while other suggest legacy industries remain on the wrong side of this fight. Among our favorite stories: Secretary Vilsack appears to be returning to the USDA.

Roll Call: Vilsack On Course For Encore As Agriculture Secretary
FoodTank: Maryland Bans EPS Packaging In Food Service
Plastics News: Industry Eyes $1B California Recycling Plan To Stop Plastic Tax
Waste Dive: Environmental Groups Urge Biden To Take Action On Plastics
Yahoo Lifestyle: What Biden Means for Green in Fashion and Beyond
BBC News: China Gets Tough On Firms Over Single-Use Plastics
Financial Times: Boris Johnson Faces Uphill Battle To Make UK Global Green Finance Hub


What has our membership been up to since last issue? Glad you asked! They’re offering new sustainable programs, products, initiatives, and educational resources, of course. 

Amy’s Kitchen: On Maintaining Their Ethical Focus 
Archer Daniels Midland: CEO At Bloomberg News Sustainable Business Summit
Archer Daniels Midland: New Plant-Based Pea Protein Won Award
BiopakNamed In The Ellen Macarthur Foundation Upstream Innovation Guide 
Biorgani: CEO On Challenges And Benefits Of Green Production
Cargill: Commitment To The Paris Agreement 
Cargill: Commercializes Renewable Acrylic Acid Production
Cargill: CEO Talks Sustainable Food Solutions At Reuters Event 
Emerald Brand: On Finding Alternatives To Trees In Packaging 
FootprintNew Paper Straws
Future IQ: CEO On Future Of Agriculture
Hexas BiomassCEO On Their Sustainable Replacements For Fuel And Wood 
Multi-Packaging Solutions/Westrock: How Their Packaging Provides Sustainable Solutions 
Natureworks: Invents Biocomponent For N-95 Masks
NovamontSustainability Manager Spoke At European Bioplastics Conference
P2 Science: Launch Of New Bioderived, Biodegradable Cosmetic Ingredient
Sweetgreen: Won Award From INC Magazine’s Best In Business
Tetra Tech: Working On The USAID Oceans Project 
Veggie GrillCEO Talks About Work As An Ethical Company

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