Web seminars focus on produce traceability

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The United Fresh Produce Association is hosting web seminars on traceability following the Food and Drug Administration releasing its plan on the topic for the industry.

The seminars, according to a news release, are:

  • Improving Traceability in Science (Part 1): 2 p.m. Eastern Oct. 27, sponsored by iFood Decision Sciences, with speakers Jennifer McEntire, vice president of food safety and technology at United Fresh and Minos Athanassiadis, vice president of iFood Decision Sciences;
  • Meet Up with Food Safety Professionals Focused on Traceability: 2 p.m. Eastern Oct. 29, sponsored by Procurant; food safety professionals are invited to discuss traceability and network with colleagues; and
  • Improving Traceability in Produce (Part 2): 2 p.m. Eastern Nov. 5, sponsored by iFood Decision Sciences, learn about the FDA’s proposed traceability rule.

For more information and to register online, visit bit.ly/UnitedFresh-webinars.

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