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HarvestHold designed to ease process of extending shelf life

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Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Oct-04 Sun 14:31
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Verdant Technologies, St. Paul, Minn., has patented HarvestHold, a new take on 1-MCP products that keep the produce and flowers fresher by inhibiting natural ethylene that triggers the ripening process.

Verdant Technologies, an affiliate of privately-held Holiday Cos., plans to offer HarvestHold, the first patented product from the company, to growers, packers and retailers in the first quarter of 2021, according to a news release.

The shelf-life extending technology is available in sheets/stickers that can be inserted into packages of fruits, vegetables and floral products. The one-step application has increased shelf life of produce an average of 50% in tests by the company.

“Verdant develops advanced technology solutions reflective of the company’s passions for improved nutrition, reducing food and floral waste and impacting the global food system through continuous innovation,” Jon Fobes, president of Verdant Technologies, said in the release. “HarvestHold is one of our answers to improving negative environmental issues and profit margins throughout the supply chain process.”

The company has been in operation for more than 20 years, working on solutions that delay the ripening process to extend the shelf life of produce and flowers, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

“Everyone in the industry wants to accomplish the same thing – provide nourishment to the global community,” Gordon Robertson, chief revenue and marketing officer, said in the release. “At Verdant Technologies, we work towards the same goal with innovative products unmatched in ease of application and reliability.”