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   Modified Atmosphere Packaging, or MAP, involves packaging fresh produce or other perishable goods in an alternative atmosphere with the intent of dramtically increasing shelf life. Typically this involves lowering the amount of oxygen in the package, replacing it with either nitrogen or carbon dioxide. Other combinations may also be used to achieve different results.

Multivac identifies controlled environment ag as key market

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Aug-24 Mon 09:37

Controlled-environment produce packaging has become a new market focus for Multivac Inc., a German equipment manufacturer with U.S. headquarters in Kansas City, MO.

Multivac sells packaging equipment and materials to create the ideal produce packages. It specializes in food packaging and in recent years, Cem Yildirim, national sales manager for produce, has aggressively built a presence in the fruit and vegetable market segment.

The firm’s German-engineered technology applies a variety of options in forming and sealing equipment to create highly advanced modified atmosphere consumer packages.

Yildirim cites many advantages for controlled environment agriculture — "CEA" — to use Multivac technology. These operations produce and sell product 12 months a year through hot houses, hydroponics, and aquaponics.

Yildirim notes that even in the idyllic environment of some California growing areas, it is generally rare for a farm to produce and pack every day of the year. “When you’re harvesting and packing every day, it’s more like a dairy operation. The product just keeps coming and your packaging operation must be able to keep up. Every day there is more to harvest.”

Thus, it becomes highly cost-effective to invest in top-level, efficient packaging technology.

The benefits of coatings and postharvest treatments on fresh fruits for reducing food losses and waste and other things

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Jul-01 Wed 10:58

Technical benefits of fresh fruit post-harvest treatments have been scientifically demonstrated and established during last decades and it is fully accepted that they deliver very relevant and positive additional functionalities than can be summarised as follows: I. reducing permeability to water loss II. creation of a modified atmosphere for coated fresh produce and effect…