Church Bros. launches new Green Giant convenience products

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GGF-lineupChurch Bros. Farms is expanding its value-added offerings to the retail segment with the introduction of five new items under the Green Giant Fresh brand: sweet baby broccoli, sweet baby cauliflower, spaghetti squash, butternut squash and sweet potato.

The Sweet Baby vegetable line includes sweet baby broccoli in an eight-ounce bag and sweet baby cauliflower in a 10-ounce bag.  Both vegetables are washed and ready to use with a 16-day shelf life.  

Sweet baby broccoli is sweet and tender from floret to stem and 100 percent edible, reducing food waste and kitchen prep time. Sweet baby cauliflower is a new sweeter variety of cauliflower with tender green stems that become brighter when cooked.

“These new items give retailers the opportunity to build a Sweet Baby category. Their uniform stand up pouches look great side by side on the shelf,” said Rick Russo senior vice president of sales and marketing.

The Cubed and Crumbled veggie line includes a range of hearty vegetables that deliver nutrition as well as flavor and convenience.  The Cubed items include sweet potatoes, butternut squash and spaghetti squash in 16-ounce bags. Accompanying the original Cauliflower Crumbles and Cauliflower Crumbles Fried Rice, the Cubed offerings will further satisfy consumers’ needs for convenient cuts of gourmet, nutritious veggies.

“Our goal is to deliver fresh, healthy food that is prepped and ready to use for consumers looking to bring restaurant-style dishes into their home,” Russo said. “The cubed veggies are a fresh take on favorite fall vegetables. We are excited to deliver nutrition and flavor to shoppers at affordable prices.”

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