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Measuring pollution is key to GEODIS’ eco-freight drive

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Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Oct-13 Tue 12:05
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GEODIS' online emissions calculator that determines the carbon footprint of a freight shipment is freely available on its website.

Accessed via, the calculator measures air pollutant and greenhouse gas emissions generated by an individual shipment’s journey, comparing the performance of different modes of transport (air, rail, road, sea, inland waterway, etc.).

For each shipment of goods, the calculator gives an overview of the various options, making it an invaluable aid in choosing the most environmentally friendly transport, said GEODIS. At the same time, the tool performs calculations that take into account the goods being shipped, their origin, destination and mode of transport before providing a quantitative evaluation.

"This initiative provides a transparent and reliable way to quantify greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants for each mode of transport” stated Cécile Bray, senior expert climate and carbon accounting at GEODIS.

The new service, which is available in English and French, is developed in partnership with EcoTransIT World, whose methodology is accredited by the Smart Freight Centre’s Global Logistics Emission Council’s (GLEC) framework.

GEODIS has set its sights on reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% between now and 2030. In 2019, the company was awarded an A- rating by the CDP, a non-profit international organisation that manages the largest environmental reporting platform devoted to companies and cities.

GEODIS has noted the following steps in order to reduce its carbon emissions:

  • strives to optimise transport plans by implementing approaches that improve trucks’ load factor and avoid empty miles
  • develop the use of rail for multimodal transport
  • has integrated vehicles that use cleaner energy into their fleet (natural gas and electric)


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