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Struggling to control electricity costs? Here are six tips that could help.

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Struggling to control electricity costs? Here are six tips that could help.…

Electricity is still a bargain considering all the work that it accomplishes. Besides saving considerable labor, it provides better environment control to produce quality plants. Yet, one of the complaints that I frequently hear is that the bill keeps increasing every year.

Part of this is that the rates charged by power companies are increasing. More than half of the states had increases within the last year. Another reason is that growers keep adding equipment and controls that need electricity.

The following are six ideas – based on the energy audits I have done in the Northeast – that may help to slow the electric bill increase.

Natural ventilation saves considerable electricity — When compared to fan cooling that operates 2000 to 3,000 hours per year, installing vents saves at least one-quarter on the electric use. Today, systems are available for most types of greenhouses. Roll-up sides, either manual or motorized, are easy to retrofit on hoophouses with the addition of an extra rail at 4’ to 6’ above the baseboard. Payback is usually less than 5 years. Roof vents can be added to most greenhouses. Although more expensive, they provide more uniform ventilation within the greenhouse than having fans.

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