Everyday IPM

A New Tool for Tracking Pests

Everyday IPM is a web application used for tracking crop pests, diseases, beneficial insects and spray treatments as part of a comprehensive Integrated Pest Management framework. Built from the ground up to handle the most complex commercial facilities with ease but also simple enough to be used by anyone growing crops in nurseries, fields, gardens or greenhouses.


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  • Plan 1 - $9 / user / month
  • Plan 2 - $99 / user / year
  • Plan 3 - $299 / user / perpetual

Additional options for self-hosting, unlimited users and more are available upon request.


  • Collecting of pest and other crop data
  • Recording sticky card and trap counts
  • Documenting of pest control treatments
  • Storing, analyzing, reporting, and exporting the data
  • Easily share data, assign tasks, and schedule control treatments with staff
  • Share photos of pests or have sticky traps assessed remotely by a crop advisor
  • Ability to book consulting with crop advisor


  • Decrease pest damage and mortality of plants
  • Minimize input costs for pest treatments such as beneficial insects or pesticides
  • Increase crop yields
  • Ability to share data with crop advisors for real-time support


Register for free at https://www.everydayipm.com