Container Culture Blog


Welcome to the Container Culture blog hosted by 500 Foods.  This is a blog focused on growing fresh produce inside standard shipping containers.  In our case, we've focused on 40' ISO refrigerated containers, but depending on your locale and container availability, other options may also work.  The goal of the blog is to help foster discussion and interest in our container systems as well as container growing challenges in general.  We think this is going to be a huge part of agriculture in future, with plenty of projects already underway.

Our focus is more about doing this at a large scale, to replace a greenhouse.  Not so much about having one or two containers sitting beside a market somewhere, although that works as well.  We firmly believe that building and proving a model that works for commercial production is key to this technology generally. 

The intended audience for this blog is anyone who has considered, attempted, or otherwise been interested in growing crops inside of a shipping container.  Or anyone who is interested in large scale commercial production year-round in any location, particularly northern climates with little sunlight.  Or anyone interested in alternative forms of agriculture.  We've got lots of material to share, and hopefully others will join the conversation and contribute their ideas as well.