Better Than Organic Blog

Fresh Produce

Welcome to the Better Than Organic Blog, hosted by 500 Foods.  This is a blog focused on growing fresh produce using methods that might not fit the current criteria for "organic" but that are still useful nonetheless.  For example, there are many viable hydroponic greenhouses.  Aeroponic farms are not new.  And our specific interest, container growing, is becoming more popular by the day.  But none of these fit the traditional definition of "organic" for the simple reason that they don't use soil as part of their growing systems.

There are also other hiccups for these kinds of businesses if they want to pursue becoming a certified organic grower.  For example, all of the crop inputs must also be certified organic, and my particular beef, all the cleaning supplies for a given operation must be organic in nature as well.  Which begs the question - is 'certified organic' a worthwhile goal, or should we be striving for something better?

The intended audience for this blog is anyone interested in the actual food that comes out of these kinds systems and how it fares compared to organic farms or traditional field crops.  Our other blog, Container Culture, is focused specifically on issues related to container farming.