Website Update: Watchlist Additions

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Submitted by Andrew Simard on 2020-Jul-13 Mon 22:45
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Some additions to the 500 Foods Watchlist. 

  • Currencies:  The USD/CAD and CAD/USD rates have been added.
  • Indices:  The DJIA, NASDAQ and S&P500 have been added.

Importantly, none of these come from the IEX Cloud interface but rather as a direct pull from the Yahoo! Finance website, and are updated every 30 minutes as well.  Why is this?  Indices aren't available at all via IEX and they don't plan on making them available any time soon due to licensing and fee structure issues. IEX does offer currency data, but not on the free tier that we currently use. Should we subscribe to one of the premium tiers in future, perhaps to get more timely data for the Watchlist, then we'll change the currency data feed to use IEX as well.

Industry icons have also been added as a column in both views.  These are assigned by us and should not be taken too literally.  For example, Amazon is listed as a tech stock which some would argue it is not.  Village Farms is listed as a cannabis stock even though the bulk of its operations and revenue are still related to fresh produce.

Have some ideas about our Watchlist?  Suggestions for additions or removals?  Please let us know via any of the usual contact methods found at the bottom of the page.