500 Foods has a new website

We're thrilled to announce that we have finally gotten our new website off the ground.  Been a long time coming, but with everything else being a higher priority, it just never got the resources it needed.  But it is here now, and hopefully the foundation has been laid that will serve us well for some time to come.

For the technical people in the audience, the site has been developed using Drupal, with a Commerce profile as its base.  It is hosted on a Rackspace Cloud Server, giving us excellent reliability and network performance in a high-availability setting.  It is unlikely that we'll attract thousands of hits per minute anytime soon, but when we eventually come to that point, we're well-positioned to scale with little effort. 

The online store isn't turned on yet as we're not quite ready to start selling products.  However, the infrastructure is ready to go and we will turn it on very soon.   It is being tested internally with a number of different classes of products so that when it does go live, it will be a useful addition to our arsenal.

The biggest sections of the site, however, are not public-facing but are used by our existing clients.  Online documentation for all of our software and other systems is now live, along with courses and other support materials.  Similarly for investors.  So if you fall into those categories, please signup for an account to gain access to all of these materials.