Software Downloads

PLEASE NOTE: Software downloaded from this site is intended solely for use by current customers of 500 Foods Corporation.  All of these applications require a connection to an Oasis database server.

PLEASE NOTE: Normally, most users will use a server-based copy of these applications that are automatically updated as new releases of each become available.  These links should only be used if you're using a locally installed copy or if you need the absolute latest release available and cannot wait for the regular update cycle for your organization.

PLEASE NOTE: To view the detailed history about what has changed in each application (the application's 'changelog'), please login to the 500 Foods website using the link at the top of this page. 

Oasis Installer

This is our comprehensive installer package (MSI) used for the initial installation and configuration of all of the other applications below.  If you're installing Oasis on a client computer (running Windows) for the first time, this is the best place to start.  The installer is compatible with both Win32 and Win64 installations. 

Oasis Desktop

This is our primary Win32 client application.  Use this link to update your local copy of the Oasis Desktop application to the latest available release. 

Oasis Tablet

This is our new multi-platform application.  The version linked here is the Win64 version, though a Win32, iOS (ipad), iOS (iPhone) and Android (phone) versions are also referenced on the Oasis Tablet main page. 

Oasis TimeClock

This is our Win32 kiosk-type application, typically running on laptops or other stationary systems installed in key locations throughout your organization. 

Oasis Server

This is our middle-tier application server that connects the various Oasis Tablet client multiplatform applications to an Oasis database server used by your organization. 

Oasis Screensaver

This is our Win32 screensaver, essentially a Google Chrome wrapper used typically to display web pages from the WebReports system on one or more connected monitors.  Other webpages can be displayed as well, and it caches login credentials so secured pages can also be used in this way.

PLEASE NOTE: The following applications are only accessible when logged into the 500 Foods website.


This is our system for displaying data in a dashboard-like environment entirely through HTML pages.  It consists of a collection of HTML, CSS and Javascript files as well as other scripting files to create a navigable self-contained website to publish all kinds of data from an Oasis system.


This is our system for maintaining Oasis database servers.  It contains DDL, SQL, and other components to either create or update a DB2-based Oasis database to the latest schema.