Software Downloads

PLEASE NOTE: Software downloaded from this site is intended solely for use by customers of 500 Foods.

This is our primary Win32 client application, used typically for managing large commercial greenhouse businesses. It typically connects to a client-hosted or cloud-hosted database. This is also the application that manages individual container operations (lighting, irrigation, "crop recipes", etc.) by connecting to its own internal container-hosted database.

This is our Win32 kiosk client application, used typically by greenhouse workers and supervisors. They punch in activities as they are performed throughout the day, with the resulting data used in real-time to assess productivity, performance, and quality control metrics. The same data is also used for processing payroll.

This is our new Win64 application (kind of a lite version of the most common features of both the TimeClock and Datamark applications).  Intended for Windows tablets, future releases will include support for iOS and Android tablets as well.

This is our middle-tier application server that connects mobile clients to client-hosted or cloud-hosted databases in a more secure and fault-tolerant manner.  

This is our Win32 screensaver.  Essentially a Google Chrome wrapper used to display web pages, it is configured to maintain some history so that it can, for example, remember website login credentials.  This makes it useful for presenting a rotating series of authenticated web pages across one or more displays, like we offer with our WebReports system.

This is our HTML-based corporate dashboard system.  It is a collection of web pages that are intended for display on lunchroom monitors or in other conspicuous locations, intended to convey real-time information about worker activities, performance, quality control and so on.