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Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Oct-14 Wed 12:59
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We share Earth with the living world ̶ the most remarkable life-support system imaginable, constructed over billions of years. The planet’s stability has wavered just as its biodiversity has declined ̶ the two things are bound together. To restore stability to our planet, therefore, we must restore its biodiversity, the very thing we have removed. It is the only way out of this crisis that we ourselves created. We must rewild the world.

̶  David Attenborough

Last Wednesday I received David Attenborough’s "A Life on our Planet: My Witness Statement and a Vision of the Future" (Grand Central Publishing, 2020). Attenborough is Britain’s best-known natural history filmmaker with a career spanning seventy years. He joined the BBC in 1952 and has made many renowned TV documentaries. He was knighted in 1958 and received the Order of Merit in 2005.