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Response of Soil Microbes and Soil Enzymatic Activity to 20 Years of Fertilization

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Agronomy, Vol. 10, Pages 1542: Response of Soil Microbes and Soil Enzymatic Activity to 20 Years of Fertilization

Agronomy doi: 10.3390/agronomy10101542

Authors: Martina Kracmarova Hana Kratochvilova Ondrej Uhlik Michal Strejcek Jirina Szakova Jindrich Cerny Pavel Tlustos Jiri Balik Katerina Demnerova Hana Stiborova

Fertilization is a worldwide agricultural practice used in agronomy to increase crop yields. Fertilizer application influences overall soil characteristics, including soil microbial community composition and metabolic processes mediated by microbial enzymatic activity. Changes in the structure of microbial communities and their metabolic activity after long-term fertilization were studied in this research. We hypothesized that the different types of fertilization regimes affect nutrient levels in the soil which subsequently influence the metabolic processes and microbial diversity and community structure. Manure (MF; 330 kg N/ha), sewage sludge at two application doses (SF; 330 kg N/ha and SF3x; 990 kg N/ha) and chemical (NPK; N-P-K nutrients in concentrations of 330-90-300 kg/ha) fertilizers have been applied regularly to an experimental field since 1996. The microbial diversity increased in all soils amended with both organic (MF, SF, SF3x) and chemical (NPK) fertilizers. The shifts in microbial communities were observed, which were mainly caused by less abundant genera that were mostly associated with one or more fertilization treatment(s). Fertilization also influenced soil chemistry and the activity of β-xylosidase, β-N-acetylglucosaminidase (NAG), acid phosphatase and FDA-hydrolases. Specifically, all fertilization treatments were associated with a higher activity of β xylosidase and lower NAG activity. Only the NPK treatment was associated with a higher activity of acid phosphatase.