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A new control platform for large-scale horticultural companies is born

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Sep-22 Tue 11:19

The world is changing and so is horticulture. Ridder has presented HortOS, a new ecosystem to help horticultural entrepreneurs follow important trends and developments in the areas of scaling up, knowledge gaps, and digitization. Collaboration plays an important role in this; in the organization itself,…

Proprietary tomato plant that alerts farmer via iPhone when it's sick

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Sep-18 Fri 12:27

InnerPlant, Inc., developer of genetically adapted living plant sensors, today launched its first sentinel plant, InnerTomato living sensor, a proprietary tomato plant that alerts farmers optically when it’s thirsty or sick. Farmers growing InnerTomatoes can photograph their fields with augmented reality…

Japanese app Tuna Scope uses AI to grade the quality of fish

Submitted by Elsewhere on 2020-Jul-09 Thu 11:04

A Japanese chain of sushi restaurants is using an AI-powered app to assess the quality of tuna — a key step in the preparation of sushi that traditionally requires years of training from experienced human buyers. But can it really replace a human’s fish sense?

The app, named Tuna Scope, was developed by Japanese advertising firm Dentsu Inc. It uses machine learning algorithms trained on thousands of images of the cross-sections of tuna tails, a cut of the meat that can reveal much about a fish’s constitution.

The app was trained on thousands of images of tuna tails

From a single picture, the app grades the tuna on a five-point scale based on visual characteristics like the sheen of the flesh and the layering of fat. For an experienced...

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